The dangers of soda

Hey everyone, it’s Shanon G. I just wanted to give everyone some quick information about soda-I am ashamed to admit that for the past 8 years I have had a secret and consuming addiction to Diet Coke! Since I started drinking Diet Coke over the years I have tried to quit drinking it several times, all ending in failure. When I found out that I was expecting a baby I decided my only option was to quit cold turkey. I did and I am proud to say that I have not had a single Diet Coke, not one, in 12 weeks. I felt that I had to give up my addiction not for me but for the health of my baby who is totally dependent on me for all his/her nutrition. I have done alot of research on the internet about Aspartame and the other harmful ingredients in soda, particularly diet soda, and if you want to check out some of the side effects go to you will be surprised and hopefully enlightened to quit or at least cut back.

I have been amazed at the changes I have noticed since kicking my Diet Coke addiction (also I have stopped drinking any caffeine altogether!) I get great sleep, I don’t get a headache if I don’t get my Diet Coke “fix” first thing in the morning, my skin and hair look better, no more fatigue, and those are just some of the benefits!

I sincerely hope that me sharing my story will inspire others out there to quit as well. Trust me when I say you won’t regret it!

One Comment to “The dangers of soda”

  1. I cut caffeine out of my diet years ago as it contributed to my migraines and I think it made a world of difference in other areas of my healthy as well. A lot of people have the oposite effect from caffeine, as it may offer some relief during a migraine. However people who suffer from headaches should really look at their caffeine consumption and consider it as a contributing factor!

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