Hi Everyone and welcome to the Healthy Housewives website!

It’s 11/11/11 and welcome to our soft launch of our website! Thank you for taking time to stop by and check it out. I want to introduce to you myself (Marzia) and my team of Healthy Housewives (Shanon, Sandy, and Shelly). We are one green team that would like to help educate you to living a healthier lifestyle with the planet in mind. You can take care of your health and save the planet at the same time! We have expertise  in fitness, nutrition, beauty, fashion, animals, home, garden, green parenting, and kids. Please take the time to read all the valuable information on our site.

Since this is our soft launch, we don’t have all the articles up yet but, we will be adding more information weekly. So keep on stopping by to check out new weekly blogs, recipes, tips, and videos. We will have a healthy cooking show coming online Jan 2012 and a reality makeover show in early 2012. You can see in the store we have workout music that I personally coach you through your workout, nutrition plans, workout programs, and even the new HH workout DVD Cardio Burn!

We have lots of exciting thing going on right now: We will have a cookbook coming soon and we will reveal the new Healthy Housewife come Jan 2012! We have added a new addition to our Healthy Housewives family and I can’t wait to introduce her!

Oh, and congrats to Shanon Griffee! She is expecting baby #1 due in May! Ladies, you can follow her pregnanacy health tips, exercises, and advice right here. So excited for her journey into motherhood. The timing couldn;t be more perfect!

Have fun looking around.

Yours in health,

Marzia Prince

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